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  • We will help you in exploring opportunities using social media and technology to increase your market share, 

  • Is it about your NGO or Church administration development & capacity building?

  • Do you want to develop your human resources?

  • Do you want a breakthrough into international markets?

  • Or just to get support in building your career? 

We value adaptability.

We design projects with your views and goals in mind.

Whether you are initially evaluating international opportunities or striving to increase the effectiveness of your existing program, we can help you reap the benefits of joining the global economy and thus grow your success.

Together with you, we can choose the most appropriate method in order to meet your requirements.


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We have the best minds that can help you grow your idea into a business and support you as it grows, we have a variety of services that make you have a great life while we do all the work for you and help you make your dreams come to life, at Hunter we are like farmers we help you plant and grow your business for a greater harvest.




Dealing with social media can be overwhelming. It's one of the reasons various businesses fail to fully leverage it in their marketing plans. The other one is that they don't have a skilled social media manager.

In today’s world, publishing low-quality content is not just a risky move, but it's a total waste of time. Like poorly using social media to force people into buying products or services. That's where social media managers come in.

Career Development

Career development is the  process of managing life, learning and work over the lifespan.  It applies to everyone:

  • children think about what they want to do as adults and start to form ideas about work and adult life during their early childhood development.

  • Adolescents make decisions about subjects and a course of study, they juggle school, part-time work, family and social interests.

  • Adults work in the home, in paid employment, as volunteers,they work part and full time, have casual jobs and manage family life and social interests. 


We are involved in Mineral  Mining.

We are also Consultants who will make the proper flowsheet selection for your project by understanding the ore body, mining schedule and processing requirements, OMC models and comparing all suitable flowsheet options and providing recommendations for the optimal circuit configuration. These assessments typically compare efficiency, capital and operating costs. In-house modelling techniques developed for design, utilising testwork from drill core and whole-rock samples are employed to size circuits, allowing options to be compared with the most suitable progressing forward.



COVID-19 came in 2020 and with big challenge on people's health, there was no time in the history of the world when everyone has been affected to this magnitude in the same way, All sectors of the economy Worldwide came to a standstill, those who had investments in tourism and hospitality industries lost all their fortunes. The new normal has changed how business can be done. Contact us and let us help you sail through this tough time.




Whether we realize it or not, social media has a huge, undeniable influence on our daily lives; directly or indirectly, big or small, its influence is always there. It can start trends, dictate behaviours, pivot a marketing strategy, and inspire new website designs. New to social media? Learn more in our articles “Social Media for Business Beginners Guide” and “Scratching the Surface of Social Media Advertising.”

Skills and Knowledge Transfer

The objective of this process is to create value in people through receiving skills and knowledge. This process makes an important contribution to an individual's  performance:

  • The ability to speak to skilled and knowledgeable agents increases customer satisfaction.

  • Opportunity to learn increases employee satisfaction, attracts talented employees to the contact centre and improves retention of loyal employees.

  • Employees who are trained well in products are skilled at applying sales models improve revenue generation.


Did you  know that being successful in business   starts with building teams ?

Do you want to start a business, but you don't have any idea on how you can do it? Are you in business, but you are failing to make it? You are on the right place, contact one of our agents to help you with ideas that can help you shape a business of your choice or support the growth of your current business as we conduct group or individual training.



At Hunter's Business Development and Consultancy we believe in Investing in future strength and capability of NGO/NPOs

Capacity-building is the process of developing an organization's strength and sustainability. More than just important, it is essential for your Non-profit's health and longevity. Capacity-building enables you to focus on your mission—not simply on survival.


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We are specialists in mobile app development, which is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.


Hunter has done it for me, from starting my business, growing it and supporting me with all the services that are required for it to look professional

Jennipha Kabo

Agro Marketing Services.


Our sole purpose is to offer you our expertise and ability to create change for your specific business problem. This will bring more clarity and focus on your role and help you concentrate your efforts on the project at hand, to ensure money serving results to your business. 

We guarantee you a positive effect on your business, leading to improved growth and efficiency in your company operations which will finally bring greater profit margins